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Digital media at The Banff Centre began with the establishment of the Banff New Media Institute (BNMI) in 1995. The BNMI developed to become an internationally respected arts production and research institute, with programs designed to support creative pluralism, different modes of inquiry, the production of new work, and the engagement of artists, producers, technologists, and researchers with the aesthetics and culture of new media.

Digital Media at The Banff Centre continues to build upon programming, research, and partnerships developed through the BNMI, offering thematic and self-directed artist residencies, leading research initiatives in our ART labs, providing training, and offering professional development and production support in a multi-disciplinary development environment. Practitioners continue to access a range of expertise, peers, facilities, and environments — all in the Centre’s inspiring mountain campus.

Working with key partners, Digital Media leverages local knowledge, international networks, and a commitment to providing a rich context for experimentation, risk taking, and the development of new knowledge. Fundamental to New Media at The Banff Centre is the belief that the creative sector flourishes through collaboration, and that the links and tensions across art, technology, science, and research have a critical role to play in describing new ways to see the world, participating in contemporary cultures, and shaping the future. We feature a cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural environment where practices and people converge.

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