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Artist: Debra Swack (New York, United States)
Project Title: 95 Chimes

Dates: September 19 - 30, 2005

95 Chimes is an audio/digital sculptural installation that relates string theory to music and the origin of matter by the harmonies, energies and vibrations that the chimes produce.

The project will result in a sound installation in a gallery setting and also separately as an edition on DVD. Debra plans to record the chimes individually with microphones, digitally edit, layer and output them to DVDs. DVD players will be hooked up to speakers in a grid around the room. The effect will be similar to hearing a piece of “sculptural” music; if you stand in the centre of the room you will hear a blending and layering of sounds; form evokes sound and sound evokes form.

95 Chimes has been nominated for a Creative Capital grant and is mentioned in Stephen Wilson’s book Information Arts published by MIT press. It was first presented in ASCI’s ArtSci2002 symposium at the American Museum of Natural History in conjunction with the Einstein exhibit then on view.

Debra is a digital artist with degrees in art and computer science. Her videos, photographs and digital projects have been written about, reviewed, and exhibited widely throughout the United States.

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