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The following is an alphabetical list of completed projects co-produced by the Banff New Media Institute from 1993 to 2006.



95* Chimes
Co-producer: Debra Swack (New York, United States), 2005

Co-producer: York University (Toronto, Canada), 2002-2003

The Aboriginal Music Experience
Co-producers: Elaine Bomberry and David Deleary (Ohsweken, Canada), 2002

Co-producers: LaGauchet (Montreal, Canada) and Selwyn Enterprises (Edmonton, Canada), 1995

Co-producer: Marianna Yarovskaya (Santa Monica, United States), 2005

All the World’s a Stage
Co-producers: Craig Anderl and Diane Park (Vancouver, Canada), 2001

Amarok’s Song: The Journey to Nunavut
Co-Producer: Inuit Broadcasting Corporation, (Iqaluit, Canada), 1998

Ambient Video
Co-producer: Jim Bizzocchi (Vancouver, Canada), 2002

The Amnesia Project: Monsters and Marvels
Co-producer: Amy Guggenheim (Brooklyn, United States), 2004

Another Brother
Co-producer: Tami Gold, (New York City, United States), 1995

Archaeology of a Mother Tongue
Co-producers: Toni Dove and Michael Mackenzie (New York City, United States), 1993

Andre Markowicz: La Voix d’un Traducteur
Co-producer: Anne-Marie Rocher (Montreal, Canada), 1998

The Audience Project
Co-producer: Adam Frank (New York City, United States), 2000


Baby, It’s You
Co-producer: Anne Makepeace (Santa Barbara, United States), 1997

Banana Splitz
Co-producer: Anna Banana (Roberts Creek, Canada), 2001

Bar Code Hotel
Co-producer: Perry Hoberman (New York City, United States), 1995

Beating the Bounds
Co-producer: Marcia Lyons (Rome, Italy), 1996

Bed Box Theatre
Co-producer: Julie Lapalme (Halifax, Canada), 1998

Between Conflict and Resolve
Paula Levine (Canada/United States), April 2 – 16, 2006

The Bench
Co-producer: Gregory Mackenzie (Calgary, Canada), 1996 F

Big Diva
Co-producers: Cornelius Fischer-Credo (Vancouver, Canada) and Garine Torossian (Toronto, Canada), 1996

Billy’s Vision
Co-producer: Andrew Hunter (Dundas, Ontario, Canada), 2001

Black on White
Co-producer: Peter Karuna (Toronto, Canada), 1994 F

Co-producer: Shu Lea Cheang (New York City, United States), 1998

Building Heaven, Remembering Earth: Confessions of a Fallen Architect
Co-producer: Oliver Hockenhull/Luminous Eye Productions (Vancouver, Canada), 1999 Format: 3D Projection, Installation, Website, Video, Length: 104 minutes

Co-producer: Blast Theory (London, United Kingdom), 2002 Format: Pre-production


Co-producer: Gretchen Schiller (Montpellier, France), 1996 Format: Video, Length: 22 minutes

Canadian Art Now!
Co-producers: Chris Creighton-Kelly and Leuten Rojas (Canada), 1997

Co-producers: Elia Kirby, Elisha Burrows, and Step Caruthers, (Vancouver, Canada), 2003

Carousel Project: Little Wars
Co-producer: Debra Swack (New York City, United States), 2002

Casting a Shadow
Co-producer: Nathaniel Bobbitt (Oregon, United States), 1997  Installation and Website

Christmas at Wapos Bay
Co-producer: Anand Ramayya (Nunavut, Canada), 2002

Co-producer: Diana Platts (Toronto, Canada), 1997

Code Zebra
Co-producer: Sara Diamond (Banff, Canada), 2001-2004

Coming and Going: An Interactive Film Project
Co-producers: Michel Blondeau and Paul Quarrington (Toronto, Canada), 2005

Computer Voices/Speaking Machines
Co-producers: Jocelyn Robert, Emile Morin (Quebec, Canada) and David Rokeby (Toronto, Canada), 2001 Format: Installation

Compwriting: A Theory for Virtual Typewriters
Co-producer: Artur Matuck (Brazil), 1998

Construction Project
Co-producer: Susan Barnet (California, United States), and Jason Sweeney (Australia), 2001

Co-producers: Suzanne de Castell (Galiano Island, Canada) and Jennifer Jenson, (Toronto, Canada), 2005

Conversations with Angels
Co-producers: Andy Best and Merja Puustinen (Finland), 1998

A Cowboy’s Fairytale
Co-producer: Aaron Langvand (Edmonton, Canada), 2002 Format: Video, Length: 30 minutes

Cruel Courage
Co-producer: Gray Miles, (Harrington, United States), 2004

The Cucumber Incident
Co-producer: Bonita kuch and Melodie Calvert (Los Angeles, United States), 2001

Cyber Kawachi
Co-producer: Emmanuelle Loubet (Osaka, Japan), 1997

CyberPowWow 2K
Co-producers: awennati Tricia Fragnito (San Francisco, United States), Archer Pechawis (Vancouver, Canada), 2001


Dance and the Camera
Co-producer: Woodrow MacPhail (Banff, Canada), 1993

Dancing with the Virtual Dervish
Co-producers: Marcos Novak, Diane Gromala and Yacov Sharir (United States), 1995

DarNet Projects
Co-producers: Victoria Vesna, Robert Nideffer,
Bill Seaman (California, United States), 2001

Dear Carry
Co-producer: Joel Katz (Brooklyn, United States), 1997 

Design Research
Co-producer: Ron Wakkary, Dan Evernden and Alissa Antl (Vancouver, Canada), 2005

Developing: The Idea of Home
Co-producer: Nancy Buchanan (Los Angeles, United States), 1995

The Digital Schoolroom
Co-producers: ACCESS, 1999

Dinner at Jane’s
Co-producers: Suzanne Lacy and Michelle Baughan (Oakland, United States), 1999

Dirty Laundry
Co-producer: Richard Fung (Toronto, Canada), 1996 

Disembodied Voices
Co-producer: Jody Zellen, (Santa Monica, California, United States), 2003 

Co-producer: Ellen Sebring, (Cambridge, United States), 2004
Format: Video, Length: 15 minutes

Co-producer: Lisa Trofimova (Lethbridge, Canada), 1995 

D’Or et D’Asphalte
Co-producer: Sylvie Marchand (Poitiers, France), 1995 

Co-producer: Nancy Kelly (California, United States), 2000

Drawing oN Air (dN/a)
Co-producer: Laura Trippi (New York City, United States), 1996 

Dream Kitchen
Co-producers: Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielewski (Australia), 1998

Dreams of the Night Cleaners
Co-producer: Leila Sujir (Calgary, Canada), 1996 


Co-producer: Steven Comeau (Halifax, Canada), Colleidescope, 2001 

Each and Every One of You
Co-producers: Don Goodes and Ann Marie Leger (Montreal, Canada), 1996
Format: Video, Length: 34 minutes each (two pilots)

Ed Pien: New Works
Co-producer: Ed Pien (Toronto, Canada), 2001 

The Eighth King of Roswell
Co-Producer: John Will (Calgary, Canada), 1997 

Einstein’s Brain
Co-producers: Alan Dunning and Paul Woodrow (Calgary, Canada), 1998 

Electric Living
Co-Producers: Carol Sill and James K-M (Vancouver, Canada), 1999 

Elevator Down
Co-producer: Kristen Wagner and Tim Van Horn (Calgary, Canada), 2001 

Emergence: A Mysterious Narration of Urban and Imaginative Life
Co-producers: Myron Turner, Susan Turner and Dale Amundson (Winnipeg, Canada), 1999 

E's For Artists: A Handbook for Electronic Artists
Co-producer: Don Ritter (New York City, United States), 2001 

Ethyl Mermaid
Co-producer: Michele Wozny (Calgary, Canada), 2001 


Face a Face
Co-producer: Catherine Ikam (France), 2001

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
Co-producer: Grisha Coleman (Los Angeles, United States), 2002-2003.

Fast Trip, Long Drop
Co-producer: Gregg Bordowitz (New York City, United States), 1993 

F for Fontcuberta
Co-producers: Daniele Villa, Luciano Barcaroli, Carlo Hintermann, and Gerardo Panichi, (Rome, Italy), 2004 

Fit to be Tied
Co-producer: Sara Diamond (Banff, Canada), 1995

The Former Mrs. Butterfly: (A Dialogue on Voice)
Co-producer: Julie Trimmingham (Montreal, Canada), 2002

Four Wheel Drift (glisten)
Co-producer: Julie Andreyev (Vancouver, Canada) 2005

Co-producers: Judith Doyle and Daniel Schwartz (Toronto, Canada), 2005

Framework and Performance for Immersive Audio Space
Jeremy Cooperstock and Zack Settle (Montreal,Canada), February 19 – March 1, 2006

Freud’s Couch
Co-producer: Lyndal Jones (Australia), 1994

Co-producers: ITV, Ruben Ortiz-Torres (Mexico) and Jesse Lerner (Los Angeles, United States), 1995


Co-producer: Marc Tuters (Montreal, Canada), 2002

Ghost of Industry
Co-producer: Kurtis Lesick and Jason Lee (Calgary, Canada), 2001

Global Telelanguage Resources –
The GTR Language Workbench

Co-producers: Andrew Klobucar and David Ayre, (Vancouver, Canada), 2004

The Goddess Within
Co-producer: Robert Sauvey and Shawn Watson (Winnipeg, Canada), 2001

Golden Rush
Co-producer: Chris Lockhart and Peter Chrzanowski (Vancouver, Canada), 2003

Gravity and Grace
Co-producer: Chris Kraus (Los Angeles, United States), 1995

Gugging, The Artists’ House
Co-producer: Anne-Marie Rocher (Montreal, Canada), 1996


Halving the Bones
Co-producer: Ruth Ozeki Lounsbury (Vancouver, Canada/New York, United States), 1995

Co-producer: Laura Taler (Toronto, Canada), 2001

Hart Island
Co-producer: Melinda Hunt (New York City, United States), 2002

Co-producers: John Greyson (Toronto, Canada) and Joe Laughlin (Vancouver, Canada), 1998

Hogan’s Alley
Co-producers: Cornelia Wyndgaarden and Andrea Fatona (Vancouver, Canada), 1994

Hot Wired Live Art 2
Co-producer: Michelle Teran (Toronto, Canada), 2001

House of Pride/Xstatic Dance
Co-producer: Martha Carter (Montreal, Canada), 2001

How to Help Animals Escape from Natural History
Co-producer: Bill Burns (Toronto, Canada), 2006

How to Help Animals Escape from Natural History
Bill Burns (Toronto, Canada), September 5 – 16, 2006

Human Centered Interface Project
Co-producer: Alberta Science Research Authority, 1999-2002


Co-Producers: MEET Factory – Andy Best and Merja Puustinen (Helsinki, Finland), 1999

Imaginal Expression
Co-producer: Reva Stone (Winnipeg, Canada), 2001

Evann Siebens and Keith H Doyle (Canada/United States), March 5 – 31, 2006

Incident at Tango Creek
Co-producers: Mark Morgenstern and Janet Oxley (Montreal, Canada), 1998

An Index of Possible Saviours
Co-Producer: Tim McLaughlin (Vancouver, Canada), 1997

Co-producer: Diller + Scofidio (New York City, United States), 1995

Inherent Rights, Vision Rights
Co-producer: Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun (Canada), 1995

Inside the Wall
Co-producer: Megan Bishop-Scott (Calgary, Canada), 1999

The Institute: Or, What We Do for Love
Co-Producers: Vera Frenkel (Toronto, Canada), Canada Council and Stentor, 1999 

Into the European Mirror
Co-producer: Julian Samuel (Montreal, Canada), 1993

Co-producer: Bill Seaman and Regina Van Berkel
(California, United States), 2001

Co-producers: Beth Stryker, Sawad Brooks, Christa Erikson (New York, United States), 1997

Iron Horses of Delson
Co-producer: Lorna Sutherland (Edmonton, Canada), 1999

Isi-pikiskwewin Ayapihkesisak (Speaking the Language of Spiders)
Co-producers: Ahasiw Maskegon-Iskwew in collaboration with Lynn Acoose, Elvina Piapot, Cheryl L’Hirondelle, Joseph Naytowhow, Richard Agecoutay, Sheila Urbanoski, Russell Wallace, Sylvain Carrette, Greg Daniels, Chris Kubik, Mark Schmidt, and Anthony Dieter, (Canada), 1997


Johannes Zits: New Works
Co-producer: Johannes Zits (Toronto, Canada), 2001


kondition pluriel:recombinant the techn(o)rganic body
Co-producers: Marie-Claude Poulin, Martin Kusch, (Montreal, Canada), 2004

Co-Producer: Angelika Oei, R.A. Verouden,V2_Lab in Rotterdam and produced by the
Produktiehuis Rotterdam Schouwburg, (Rotterdam, Netherlands), 2003


The Ladder
Co-producer: John Gerrard (Dublin, Ireland), 2005

Ladies of the Inlet
Co-producer: Anne Frazier-Henry (Gibson, Canada), 1996

Ladies’ Shorts: Presenting Contemporary Culture
Co-producer: Creators Series, WTN, 1994-1995

The Lady Next Door/La Voisine
Co-Producer: Diane Poitras (Montreal, Canada), 1995

La classe de Madame Debbie
Anne Marie Rocher  (Toronto, Canada), July 31 - August 12, 2006

La Memoir de L’eau
Co-producer: Rodrigue Jean (New Brunswick, Canada), 1996
Format: Video, Length: 12 minutes

La Salle des Noeuds
Co-producer: Jocelyn Robert (Montreal, Canada), and Emile Morin with the support of the Canada Millennium Partnership Program, 2001

Les Acadiens de I’lle: chronique d’une renaissance
Co-producer: Anne-Marie Rocher, (Toronto, Canada), 2004

Les Carnets de Guy Rocher
Co-producer: Anne Marie Rocher (Montreal, Canada), 2001

Les Persaides
Co-producer: Frederick Belzile (Montreal, Canada), 1999

Let It Come Down
Co-producer: Jennifer Baichwal (Toronto, Canada), 1998

Little Breeze
Co-producer: Nina Levitt (Toronto, Canada), 2002

The Living Book of the Senses
Co-producers: Lily Shirvanee & Diane Gromala (United
States), 2002

Logodi Street
Co-producer: Nina Czegledy (Budapest, Hungary), 1995

The Lost Gods
Co-producer: Norflicks Productions, Ltd.
(Toronto, Canada), 1997

Lost Reels of Pancho Villa
Co-producer: Gregorio Rocha Val Verde (Mexico) and FONCA, 2001-2003
Format: Video, Length: 52 minutes

Ludus Vitae
Co-producers: Suzanne de Castell and Jennifer Jenson (Vancouver, Canada), 2001
Format: Website, CD

The Lullaby Lady
Co-producers: Connie Edwards and Doug Cole
(Edmonton, Canada), 1998


The Making of MEN
Co-producers: Drew Martin and Lindsay Spear (The Idea Factory, Edmonton, Canada), 1998
Format: Video, Length: 20 minutes

Mauve Desert
Co-producer: Adriene Jenik (United States), 1996
Format: CD-ROM

Maxwell’s Demon
Co-producer: David Clark (Calgary, Canada), 1998
Format: Video, Length: 78 minutes

Carol Flax (Tucson, United States), Dates: January 8 – February 11, 2006

Co-producers: MJW Productions and the BBC (London,
United Kingdom), 1997

Co-producers: Myra Davies, Allan Harding MacKay (Banff, Canada), 2001

Moments of Despondency
Co-producer: Donna Brunsdale (Calgary, Canada), 1996

My Fifth Amendment Privilege: Amidst the White Noise
Co-producer: Christiane Robbins (San Francisco, United States), 1998


A Nation is Coming
Co-Producer: Kent Monkman and Michael Greyeyes (Toronto, Canada), 1996

Co-producer: David Rokeby (Toronto, Canada) with the support of the Canada Millennium Partnership Program, 2001

No, But What Do You Really Do?
Co-producer: Jennifer Babcock and Carol Lavalee (Edmonton, Canada), 1996

Noodle []
Co-producers: Joshua Portway,, and Realworld, (London, United Kingdom), 2000

No Time
Co-producer: Victoria Vesna (California, United States), 2000


Objects of Ritual
Co-producer: Will Bauer (Edmonton, Canada) and Steve Gibson (Victoria, Canada), 1995

Observer/Observed and Other Works
Co-producers: Takahiko Iimura and Kazuyo Yasuda (Tokyo, Japan), 1998

Oculus Project
Co-producer: Lynn Lukkas (Minnesota, United States), 2001

Off Track
Marcos Sanchez and Mark Wasiuta (Canada/United States), April 2 – 29, 2006

Opening Night
Co-producer: Julie Trimingham (Calgary, Canada), The Banff Centre Theatre Arts and Music and Sound, 2001

Other Business
Co-producers: Christine Kirouac and Michael Stecky (Winnipeg, Canada), 2002


Paixao Nacional
Co-producer: Karim Ainouz (Brazil), 1994

Co-producers: Jennifer Maytorena Taylor and Vicki Funari (San Francisco, United States), 1997

Co-producer: Victor Masayesva (Hoteville, United States), 2003

Performance Space Meets Cyberspace
Co-producer: Michael Bussiere, (Ottawa, Canada), 2004

Permission for Pleasure
Co-producers: Julia Walden, CBC Rough Cuts (Toronto, Canada), 1999

The pINCO Triangle
Co-producers: Patrick Crowe and Ruthe Whiston (Toronto, Canada), 1998

Co-producers: Anne Carlson, Mary-Ellen Strom and Barbara Tsumagar (New York City, United States), 1994-1995

Co-producers: Brenda Laurel and Rachel Strickland (United States), 1995

Co-producers: Tom Donaldson (United Kingdom) and Tina Gonsalves (Australia), 2004

Playing with Science Toys
Co-producer: Alberta Science Research Investment Program (Alberta, Canada), 2003-2004

The Plywood Girls
Co-producers Don Gill and Susanne Klausen (Victoria, Canada), 1999

Pop! Goes the Weasel
Co-producer: Nancy Nesbit (Vancouver, Canada), 2004

Politics of Participation
Co-producer: Minna Tarkka (Finland), 2005

Co-producers: Mike Stubbs and Gina Czarnecki, (Melbourne, Australia), 2004

The Price of the Pines
Co-producer: Kathy Fredericks (Prescott, United States), 1997

Pussy Files
Co-producer: Martha Ladly (Toronto, Canada), 2000-2002


Co-producers: RACOL/CANARIE (University of Alberta, Canada), 2003-2004

Radio in Trouble
Co-producers: Jason Sweeney, Jayne Hayes (Yarraville, Australia), 2000

Raumspeil Puzzle
Co-producers: Gretchen Schiller and Scott Wilson (Montrouge, France), 2002

Romeo and Juliet
Co-producer: Claudia Hart (New York City, United States), 1998


Co-producer: Roberto Lopez (Mexico) and FONCA, 2001

Co-producer: Bruce Sheridan (New Zealand), 1997

Scrap Arts
Co-producer: Simon Dekker, Gregory Kozak (Calgary, Canada), 2001

Sea-Changes: A Meta-Biography
Co-producer: Myron Turner (Winnipeg, Canada), 1997

The Secret
Co-producers: Douglas Cooper (Los Angeles, United States) and Dysmedia, 1998-2000

The Secret Project
Co-producers: Jools Gilson-Ellis and Richard Povall, (Ireland), 1998
Format: Dance, Theatre Production

See Banff!
Co-producer: Michael Naimark (United States), 1995

Seed of Sarah
Co-producers: Andrea Weiss and Greta Schiller (United Kingdom), 1998

Self-Government PSAs
Co-producers: Aboriginal Film and Video Art Alliance, 1994

Sensing the City
Co-producer: Simon Pope, (Cardiff, United Kingdom), 2003

Co-producers: Kristina McLaughlin, Kevin McMahon, Michael McMahon, CBC Rough Cuts (Toronto, Canada), 1999

Shifting Ground
Co-producer: Gretchen Schiller (Montpellier, France), 1998 

Silent Tears
Co-producer: Shirley Cheechoo (West Bay, Canada), 1997

Singing Our Stories
Co-producers: Annie Frazier-Henry (Gibson, Canada) and Omni Productions (Vancouver, Canada), 1998

Six String Nation
Co-producer: Jowi Taylor, (Toronto, Ontario), 2003-2004

Co-producer: Don Ritter (New York City, United States), 1998

Skunk Cabbage
Co-producer: Bryan Konefsky (United States), 1998

Smell Bytes
Co-producer: Jenny Marketou (New York City, United States), 1998

Soft Accidents
Co-producer: Francesca Da Rimini (Adelaide, Australia), 2000

Soft Accidents/ Seven Beauties and the Warroom
Co-producer: Francesca Da Rimini (Adelaide, Australia), 2003

Somalia Yellow Vignettes
Co-producers: One Yellow Rabbit (Calgary, Canada) and Allan Harding MacKay (Toronto, Canada), 1997

Co-producer: Toni Dove (New York, United States), 2001

SPIN, Zat Media
Co-producers: Zat, WM Leler & Co., 2001

The Split-Brain Human Computer User Interface
Co-producer: Greg Garvey (Montreal, Canada), 1999

Co-producers: Tapio Makela (Helsinki, Finland) and David Rokeby (Toronto, Canada), 2002

Stormy Weather: The Music of Harold Arlen
Co-producers: Larry Weinstein and David Mortin (Toronto, Canada), 2001

The StoryBones Game
Co-producer: Tom Leonhardt (Toronto, Canada), 1999

Strategies for Self Defence
Co-producer: Susan Turner (Winnipeg, Canada), 1997

Subtract the Sky
Co-producers: Sharon Daniel and Mark Bartlett (San Francisco, United States), 1999


Tae Kwon-do CD-ROM Encyclopedia
Co-producers: VICOM Multimedia (Canada), 1997

Talk Nice
Co-Producer: Elizabeth Vander Zaag (Vancouver, Canada) with the Canada Council and Stentor, 1999

Te Durosh
Co-producers: Rob Rapley and Alessandra Zeka (New York City, United States), 1998

Co-producer: Steve Gibson (Victoria, Canada), 2000

T-Garden Project
Co-producers: Sponge, Encart, Ars Electronica, C3 (International), 2001-2002

The Time In Between
Co-producer: Trebor Scholz (New York City, United States), 2003

That Thing Between Us
Co-producer: Nicole Mion (Calgary, Canada), 2005

There is No Body
Co-producer: Piotr Wyrzykowski (Poland), 1997

Co-producer: Marble Media (Toronto, Canada), 2001

Topological Slide
Co-producers: Michael Scroggins and Stewart Dickson (United States), 1995

Co-producer: Catherine McGovern (Montreal, Canada), 1998

Towards A Walking Artist
Co-producer: Simon Pope (Cardiff, United Kingdom), 2004

Co-producer: Teri Rueb (New York City, United States), 1997

Tracking Distance
Co-producer: Greg Marshall (Calgary, Canada), 1998

Co-producers: Gretchen Schiller (Montpelier, France) and Susan Kozel (Montreal, Canada), Canada Council and Stentor, 1999

Tulipomania: an electronic trade fable
Leila Sujir (Montreal), May 1 - 31, 2006

The Translators
Co-producer: John Zeppetelli (Montreal, Canada), 1998

Co-producer: Veronica Tennant and Michele Boniface (Toronto, Canada), 2001
Format: Video, Length: 10 minutes

Two Men Making Gun Noises
Co-producer: Anne Walsh (Los Angeles, United States), 1996


U&I dOt cOm
Co-producer: Branda Miller, (New York City, United States), 1999

Uroboros (the serpent which eats its tail)
Co-producer: Al Razutis (Saturna Island, Canada), 1997


Co-producer: Thomas Allen Harris (La Jolla, United States), 1996

Virtual Interactive Puppetry
Co-producer: Lizbeth Goodman (London, United Kingdom) and SMART LABS, 2001

Virtual Reality on Five Dollars a Day
Co-producer: Ron Kuivila (Boston, United States), 1995

Co-producer: Anne Frazier-Henry (Gibson, Canada), 1995

Voices of the Morning
Co-producer: Meena Nanji (Los Angeles, United States), 1992

Voices Unheard
Co-producer: Beth B. (New York City, United States), 1997

(Virtual Reality as Recreation Vehicle)
Co-producer: Peter d’Agostino (Philadelphia, United States), 1994


Walter Phillips Contemporary Art Series
Co-producers: ACCESS TV, TLC (Canada), 2000

Co-producer: Paul Ryan (New York City, United States), 2002

We and the Time
Co-producer: Abigail Child (New York City, United States), 1997

Co-producer: WestGrid 2003-2005

Words Fail
Co-producers: Veronica Tennant (Toronto, Canada), Michele Boniface (Edmonton, Canada), 2000

The Writing Machine
Co-producer: Patrick Clancy (Kansas, United States), 2002

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