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Interactive Screeen 0.6 Workshop

Margins: Media: Migrations

August 13-18, 2006
Tuition: $600.00

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Interactive Screen - Margins: Media: Migrations is the destination of choice for individuals and companies seeking creative inspiration and strategic advice in the midst of the digital bazaar.

Interactive Screen is now in its 11th offering. This acclaimed new media development think tank focuses on the creative, social and business impacts of digital art, technologies and networks. Each summer, a mix of international and Canadian new media luminaries and rising stars meet in Banff to reflect on the current state of the art and the shape of things to come.

In the digital bazaar of the 21st century, one's capacity to challenge disciplinary boundaries is a critical vector for social impact. This six day program will provide you with case studies, workshops, performances and one-on-one mentoring.  Interactive Screen allows you the time and space you need to share in understanding of the social, cultural and business potential of new media.

True to the hybrid nature of new media, Interactive Screen fosters dialogue and collaboration between artists, producers, researchers, investors and policymakers of all horizons. It presents you with an inspiring mountaintop view of the field as well as a ground for your individual innovation.

Margins: Media: Migrations

This year, Interactive Screen challenges its own boundaries by exploring the ambiguous notion of margins and migrations. Margins can be taken to mean 'profit'. They also point the way to the 'outside'. These terms provide us with a means to turn and twist the meaning of media. Media forms have the power to migrate through the boundaries that define our experience — turning them inside out, and outside in. At the interface, it becomes possible to make 'profit' share in the values that we choose to make ours.

Themes include:

  • Money, law, community: current investment opportunities, the evolving legal and business context for media convergence and the cross-pollination of art, science, technology, business, culture and society.
  • High Tech/Low Tech/New Tech/No Tech: innovating, recycling and sharing technologies in a culture of wealth and waste.
  • Screens in transition: high definition and mobile cinema, pervasive screens and the transmigration of new media into 'no media'.
  • Gaming and playing: platform gaming, street play, locative media and performance at the edges of space, stage and screen.

Discussions and roundtables, working sessions with peers and case studies converge with live performances, including the Canadian premieres of:

  • Blast Theory's Can You See Me Now?, a chase game played live online and in Banff. Online players are dropped at random locations into a virtual map of the town while Blast Theory runners use GPS to track your avatar down as you flee online. (United Kingdom)
  • Nicole Mion's That Thing Between Us, a dance duet for two performers and reactive screens, with the audience sitting in between the action. (Canada)
  • Definition 2006, a screening showcasing of award-winning HD fictions and documentaries.
  • Introductions to the latest research and production work in visualization, mobile media and collaborations of the Banff New Media Institute. (Canada, Japan)

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