Jerry McGrath

Director of Innovation and Program Partnerships, Leadership Development

Jerry applies best practices from creative and entrepreneurial communities to support partner organizations and movements. His interest is in how to support existing institutions to become as adaptive as startups and to contribute to the rehabilitation of the concept of leadership for the 21st century. Areas of specialization include strategic planning within creative organizations, strategic innovation, agile approaches to innovation, design approaches and thinking, open leadership, entrepreneurialism and the future of work. 

Jerry spent several years as a relocation trainer in the Japanese automotive industry in Aichi, Japan and witnessed first-hand the operations and organizational culture of the sector and supported managers pre-transfer to overseas postings . As the director of innovation and program partnerships for Leadership Development at The Banff Centre, Jerry enables novel and often unorthodox collaborations to support small and large projects in service to our client communities. Past clients include SMART Technologies, Shaw Communications, the Canada School of Public Service, as well as various entrepreneurial ventures, municipalities, provincial ministries, not-for-profit organizations, and energy sector clients. Jerry speaks on creativity and leadership at events such as the Canadian Society for Training and Development Symposium, the Human Resource Industry Association annual conference, the Open Leadership Summit in Portland, Oregon and others. 

Jerry was also selected as an Ambassador for C2MTL. C2MTL is an international business event that works to stimulate creative thinking about social and commercial problems through collaboration and innovative approaches. C2MTL was founded by the Sid Lee creative agency in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil, Intel, and Fast Company magazine.

Jerry joined The Banff Centre in July 2008. He is completing his Master’s degree in Strategic Innovation and Change at the University of Denver and has a research focus on the intersections of various creative traditions in finding and solving organizational problems. He completed his Bachelor’s at the University of Waterloo in Environment and Resource Studies. McGrath is certified to facilitate agile project development.

In his free time, he enjoys playing games with friends or with his young daughter and watching the Seahawks, the Blue Jays, or the Blackhawks, depending on the time of year. Living in Banff, Jerry spends time skiing, skating and taking part in other winter activities for which he has no apparent aptitude. Jerry is proud of his family, his friends, his colleagues and all the other unbelievably creative people he gets to work with.

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