Banff Mountain Festivals


2008 Film Award Winners

The 2008 awards were announced at the Best of the Festival Screening on November 9.

Grand Prize: Sponsored by Mountain Equipment Co-op ($4000)

The Last Nomads

Alpine Club of Canada Award for Best Film on Climbing: Sponsored by the Alpine Club of Canada ($2000)

Committed 2: Grit Kids

Best Film on Mountain Culture: Sponsored by Petzl ($2000)

Tracking the White Reindeer

Best Film on Mountain Environment: Sponsored by Patagonia ($2000)

The Meadow

Best Feature-length Mountain Film: Sponsored by Camper’s Village ($2000)

Stranded — I’ve Come from a Plane That Crashed on the Mountains…

Best Film on Mountain Sports: Sponsored by Western State College of Colorado ($2000)

Journey to the Center

Best Short Mountain Film: Sponsored by Mountain Hardwear ($2000)

If You’re Not Falling

Special Jury Awards

Saving Luna


Psyche: Patagonian Winter

People’s Choice Award: Sponsored by Timex ($2000)

Red Gold

People’s Choice Award for Radical Reels: Sponsored by Fido ($350 plus a selection of prizes)


Audio Post-Production Award: Sponsored by The Banff Centre

Committed 2: Grit Kids

Audio Post-Production Award — Special Recognition: Sponsored by The Banff Centre

The Meadow

Thank you to all filmmakers for submitting your workFinalists were selected from the 263 entries we received this year.

Films appeared in the following programs: