Banff Mountain Festivals
Journey to the Center

Best Film on Mountain Sports
Sponsored by Western State College of Colorado ($2000)

Journey to the Center

USA, 2007, 55 minutes

Directed by Jens Hoffmann

Produced by Iiro Seppanen, Jeb Corliss

Production company: Ground Impact Inc.

Journey with three world-renowned BASE jumpers as they travel 10,000 miles by airplane, river boat, and 4x4 truck to confront the mist and mystery of an old cave, an ancient culture, and their own demons at the center of their dangerous mission: Tian Keng, the Heavenly Pit. Millions of years old, half-mile deep, Tian Keng has waited for eons to test the endurance, skill, and courage of the men who dare to parachute into her heart.

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“This film conveyed what it is really like to participate in an extreme sport, and the real emotions of athletes, without exaggerating,” says jury member Christian Trommsdorff. “It shows that they're human. It’s not just a film about an ego trip.”