Fall and Winter

Fall and Winter Programs

Welcome to The Banff Centre's fall 2014 and winter 2015 music residency offerings. This year we're excited to offer four new thematic residencies in addition to our long standing musicians in residence program. Thematic residencies offer a structured program where musicians, singers, composers, musicologists, and other music professionals are brought together to explore a specific theme. We are continuing to offer fall and winter Banff Musicians in Residence opportunities for musicians and composers. Banff Musicians in Residence, which is more self-directed in nature, provides emerging and established professional artists with a period of focused time to concentrate on personal artistic development and work towards a specific project.

All of the Banff Centre arts programs strive to develop artists and practitioners to be at the forefront of contemporary culture in Canada and internationally. The environment created at The Banff Centre is a transformative catalyst that can expand the work and perspectives of artists by fostering interdisciplinary experimentation and new forms of engagement with community and society.

To kick off our fall residencies, we welcome back Kevin Drew to lead the hugely successful Independent Music Residency. With an emphasis on songwriting, uninterrupted rehearsal time, studio recording practice, and lots of professional feedback, this residency is designed to meet the needs of emerging bands ready to take the next step in their careers and artistic development. 

In Source and Inspiration, Andrew Burashko invites singer songwriters, composers and classical musicians alike to explore the noble tradition of inspiration and influence in music and art. Be it form, melodic material or harmonic progression, the origins of contemporary music often lie in the works of the past. This unique and innovative residency will build on this tradition by using major classical works to stimulate the creation of new material in the singer-songwriting genre.

To launch the winter season, Pedja Muzijevic will tackle the sticky subject of how classical music fits in today's society. Performance Today will explore performing classical music by looking at its origins: instruments, performance practices, settings, circumstances when it was created, and how it can be presented most effectively in today's time. It will question every aspect of the current concert experience. This residency will also feature The Banff Centre's new forte piano built by legendary modern builder R.J. Regier.

Finally, Kiya Tabassian will lead The Banff Centre's first residency dedicated to exploring the ever-changing and diverse Canadian music scene World Music: Persian and Eastern Traditions .  World musical traditions are alive and flourishing today as a source of inspiration for the creation of new music that reflects our realities, social changes, and environment.  From aesthetics to composition and improvisation, this residency deals with new approaches to performance and creativity within Persian, Turkish, and Arabic musical traditions. This residency is open to world, classical, jazz, and new music singers and musicians.

Woven throughout these new thematic residencies, we continue to offer our long standing fall and winter Banff Musicians in Residence program. This is the perfect opportunity for musicians and composers of all genres between professional engagements, finished post- secondary education, on leave or sabbatical from a professional career, or preparing for concerts, gigs, recordings, and competitions. Residencies can vary in length, between two and five weeks at a time. While self-directed in nature, musicians can expect to be a part of a diverse music community, receive peer to peer feedback, enjoy some performance opportunities, and interaction and mentoring from a variety of visiting artists at The Banff Centre.

We hope you will find inspiration in one of these musical offerings- all at the intersection of art and ideas, and hope to see you in Banff!

Mark Wold
Managing Director, Music
The Banff Centre