Mary of Canada

The Virgin Mary in Canadian Culture, Spirituality, History, and Geography


Mary of Canada

Mary of Canada: The Virgin Mary in Canadian Culture, Spirituality, History, and Geography is a compelling exploration of the Virgin Mary in Canada, ranging widely through time and history. Canada’s culture is distinguished by the Virgin Mary’s astonishingly frequent presence — her roots in Canadian soil are deep. Rich references delve into literature, history, art, and geography. In locating Mary in this country, Joan Skogan observes the ways she transforms to answer Canadian needs. From Virgin Mary sightings on frosted windows to Rideau Hall, from thrift shop icons to the National Gallery, from Our Lady Peace rock band to traditional prayer, Mary lives in Canada.

Dense, poetic, and lovingly hewn, Skogan's work, based on years of extensive research, brings the Virgin Mary to Canadian shores. Illustrations, varying from modern art to pop culture representations, offer visual context. Mary of Canada is an achievement that embraces Canada's spirituality from sea to sea.

"In language original in structure and rich in imagery, and with meticulous, far-reaching research, Skogan's unique vision reveals that the ancient, worldwide idea of Mary has penetrated, sometimes unwittingly, into every nook and cranny of Canada. This surprising book is one to be grateful for." - Sharon Butala    

"Chronicling the presence of the Virgin Mary in Canada, Joan Skogan finds that she saturates the country, from an image that came in with Jacques Cartier to the prayer object of B.C. fishermen. Her book is accessible, non-academic, ranges over geography and literature (Diane Schoemperlen, Margaret Atwood, Katherine Govier and other literary Madonnas) and is 'full of tender acts of mercy, gleanings from a millennium of history and brilliant flashes of insight, which taken together add up to sacred meaning." - Wayne Grady, The Globe and Mail

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Paperback: 328 pp
Publisher : Banff Centre Press
Publication Date: Nov 2003
ISBN-13: 978-1894773034
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Price: 29.95 CAD
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Categories: Best Sellers / Art / Art History / Theory & Criticism
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