Paddy Crean Stage Combat Workshop:
Interpretation to Execution – Exit pursued by a bear!

Program dates: December 29, 2012 - January 3, 2013

Registration deadline: Extended to November 15, 2012

Program Information

About the Paddy Crean Stage Combat Workshop

This workshop is an opportunity for master teachers, researchers, and movement artists to get together and share in the wealth of knowledge that is found in historical and theatrical fighting techniques, from all around the world. Everyone from beginners to experts in stage combat, historical martial arts, and theatrical movement is welcome.

As time goes by it is easy to forget where a lot of our shared heritage comes from. In the areas of historical martial arts, movement studies, stage combat, fight direction and stunts, we are all going through a huge boom in research and development and in turn our various areas of study are finding a wonderful renaissance. To explain the theme in more detail – The Bi-line for the theme Exit pursued by a bear; is a famous stage direction from Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale. It is open to conjecture as to whether Shakespeare may have had a real bear or an actor in a suit. With the real bear it would have been quite dramatic and yet with an actor in a suit it could have been very comedic - which affect is more appropriate? Needless to say what is of interest here is – Interpretation. How something is interpreted and then in turn then how is it executed? Classes presented at this year’s workshop will explore how various master teachers have interpreted their study and work over the years.

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We hope to see you in Banff!

Scott Witt, artistic director
International Order of the Sword and Pen

Arrival and Departure Dates

Participants should plan to arrive in Banff on Friday, December 28, 2012, and depart on Friday, January 4, 2013.


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