Photography Fees

All fees are applicable to self-directed resident artists. Thematic resident artist’s and co-production artist’s fees are waived as part of their tuition costs. All artists are responsible for the cost and provision of film and paper.

Photographic Darkrooms

Each darkroom houses a Devere 504 enlarger capable of handling film formats from 35mm to 4” x 5”. Enlargers are equipped with dichroic color heads. Cold light and condenser heads are also available. Lenses are exclusively Rodenstock Rodagon.

Fees- AS OF APRIL 1, 2006

Crich Studio
This is a combined studio/darkroom space. It includes a black and white darkroom for printing up to 20” x 24”, office style studio space, and kitchenette.

Colour Darkrooms
Color printing from negatives is supported by a Colex (32”) Color Print Processor (RA4 chemistry). Two darkrooms are set up for printing up to 30” x 40”. One darkroom is set up for printing up to 20” x 24”.

Black and White Darkrooms
There are four individual black and white darkrooms for printing up to 20”x 24”. An adjacent shared print-washing area is equipped with archival print washers.

Special Processes Darkroom

This room is custom designed for large-scale black and white printing. Prints up to 42” x 60” are easily produced. Larger prints, depending on film format and other variables, are also possible. It is equipped with a freestanding Devere (4" x 5") enlarger, with dropping baseboard and wide-angle lenses. Other features include a freestanding Durst 8"x10" enlarger with colour head for large format colour and black & white prints, a roll-paper safe with rotary cutter and large working surface, stainless steel processing sinks with built-in ventilation, large wash sink (46” x 120”), and drying racks.

For black and white processing the following chemistry is supplied and included in the darkroom fee: Dektol, D76, Stop Bath, Ilford Universal Fixer, and Hypo-Clearing Agent. Other chemistry can be specially ordered, but costs are the responsibility of the artist.

Additional Studio Spaces

Lighting Studio

  • Two large banks of north facing windows for natural light capability
  • Three Bowen electronic strobes (750w) with soft boxes, reflectors, etc.
  • Seven Mole-Richardson tungsten lights (max: 750w): four softlites, three spots, 4" x 5" Cambo studio camera with Polaroid back and two lenses (Nikkor-W 150 mm and Schneider G-Claron 210 mm)
  • Various tripods, stands, accessories, and copy stand

Print Finishing Area

  • Large light box, compressed air, two Seal dry-mount presses (16" x 20" and 30" x 40")

For more information contact:
Sarah Fuller, Photography Facilitator
Phone: 1.403.762.6611
Fax: 1.403.762.6665