Performance: asses.masses

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asses.masses is a solo performance for multiple players about sharing the load of revolution. Each night audience members step forward one at a time from the herd to seize the means of production (i.e. a video game controller) and to lead us through a world of asses (donkeys) in pursuit of a just life. Following the narratives of multiple asses as they contemplate labour politics and protest against their Human oppressors, this video game performance is a journey through the obsolescence of the manual labourer, political idealism, digital labour, and virtual revolution.


Milton Lim

Milton Lim is a Vancouver-based artist whose output spans performance, new media, dance, installation, and video art. His work is engaged with global politics, the cataloguing / archiving / indexing of public data, and resource allocation. These thematic interests are bolstered by a continued interest in game mechanics, typography architecture, and high-frequency content.

Milton holds a BFA (Hons.) in theatre performance from Simon Fraser University. He is Co-Artistic Director of Hong Kong Exile, an Artistic Associate with Theatre Conspiracy, the recipient of the 2016 Ray Michal Prize for Outstanding Body of Work, and the recent Artist-in-Residence with PuSh International Performing Arts Festival (2016- 18).

Patrick Blenkarn

Patrick Blenkarn is an interdisciplinary artist and director. His recent works feature sustained investigations into the history and function of books, the politics and imperialism of the English language, and the history of labour and value. His projects have been featured in film festivals, galleries, and performance festivals across Canada.

Patrick has a degree in philosophy, theatre, and film from the University of King’s College and an MFA in interdisciplinary art from Simon Fraser University. Patrick is also one of the founding archivists of videocan, an online videoarchive of contemporary Canadian performance.