Ideas Into Practice: Artist and Practitioner Pecha Kucha

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20 images. 20 seconds per image. Hear from artists and practitioners who have braved the worlds of digital transformation, bridging the challenges and opportunities of digital.

Hosted by Jerrold McGrath and featuring presenters Derek Beaulieu, Win Burleson, Justine Garrett, Beth Kates, Allison Moore, Andrew Sholotuik, and Tammy Lee.


Jerrold McGrath

Jerrold McGrath designs and facilitates complex cross-sector projects with work focused on:

1. decentering the hegemony of institutions in cultural work;

2. exploring and experimenting with new ways of organizing and collaborating; and

3. recombining expertise and experience to address big problems


This is done by asking questions about how culture gets made, finding examples of how others are making it, and experimenting to learn and address the messy challenges we collectively face. McGrath's practice focuses on creating spaces for people to come together so that different things can happen. The former program director at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity and Artscape Launchpad he is also a BMW Foundation Responsible Leader, a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce. Jerrold has spent the past 15 years creating opportunities for different communities to come together and create together; designing spaces that don't privilege particular ways of seeing the world is an ongoing challenge.