The Way Forward: Jamie Gamble

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The goal of this summit is to inspire dialogue amongst a gathering of esteemed colleagues and artists across the three days, which will uncover and identify emergent themes, and highlight critical areas of discourse that remain urgent. These elements will be brought forward as a means of ratifying outcomes and focusing on opportunities for spin-off workshops and gatherings.


Jamie Gamble

Jamie Gamble is the principal of the New Brunswick based consulting company, Imprint Consulting. Since 2002, Jamie has served organizations involved in poverty reduction, environmental protection, food security, public health, youth leadership, citizen engagement, and the arts with consulting in strategy, evaluation and organizational change. 

Many organizations that wrestle with truly complex issues get so immersed in the details, the paradoxes, stakeholder differences, and uncertainties of their work, that they become paralyzed. Jamie has the rare ability to work with people to craft strategies for learning and evaluation that enable them to uncover the essence of their most pressing challenges and to surface productive ways to move forward.