Fine Print: What's Going on at Banff Centre Press

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It’s an interesting time to be in the publishing world, but Banff Centre Press has always been in a unique position. With the mandate to publish and showcase the great creative work that happens at The Banff Centre, the titles range from poetry anthologies, to academic texts, to plays, and interactive digital stories. 

“Last year the two major projects were to publish the second edition of Restorying Indigenous Leadership and to publish the poetic anthology Toward.Some.Air,” said director of Press administration Patrick Lawless. Both are currently in consideration for course inclusion, and Restorying Indigenous Leadership will be included in the Centre’s Indigenous Leadership program over the next five years.

Toward.Some.Air was even entered in the Pan Lit Games in the “pentathlon” (longest title) contest. 

The full title? 

Toward.Some.Air: Remarks on Poetics of Mad Affect, Militancy, Feminism, Demotic Rhythms, Emptying, Intervention, Reluctance, Indigeneity, Immediacy, Lyric Conceptualism, Commons, Pastoral Margins, Desire, Ambivalence, Disability, The Digital, and Other Practices 


“Strangely enough, we only have the second longest title of published books last year,” laughed Lawless. 

The poetry anthology, with works from over 40 poets worldwide was a true pleasure to work on, he said. “The beauty of this book for me is, [editors Fred Wah and Amy De’Ath] are mentoring the next generation.”

But printed works aren’t the only product the Press produces. Digital stories will play a big role in the coming years. Especially stories that “showcase some of the artists and the faculty and the thought leaders coming through.”

One such artist is award-winning Canadian writer Sean Michaels, who was at The Banff Centre in 2014 creating the prototype for his upcoming interactive piece. He’ll return in the fall to complete the project, signalling a focus on “that new line of the press which is the digital, online, interactive.”

Those are just some of the exciting new offerings from Banff Centre Press. Check back soon to see how these projects progress!