Toward. Some. Air.: Remarks on Poetics

Edited by Fred Wah and Amy De'Ath

Toward. Some. Air. is a landmark collection of profiles of contemporary poets, statements, essays, and conversations about contemporary poetry and poetic practice, and a few exemplary poems selected by up-and-coming poet and scholar Amy De’Ath and Governor General’s Award-winning, former Parliamentary Poet Laureate Fred Wah. The (over 40) contributors to this anthology are renowned poets and academics from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. According to De’Ath and Wah, the book is “an open invitation to consider the contours and meaning of anglophone poetic practice as a mode of interpreting the world.” Toward. Some. Air. is an invaluable critical resource because of its unprecedented scope; with contemporary poetics regarded from all angles and criticism shared from many different backgrounds; designed for readers, students, teachers, and writers for the future of creative writing pedagogy and practice.

Nominated in the category Scholarly and Academic for the 2016 Alberta Book Publishing Awards.

Contributing Authors: 

Kirsten Emiko McAllister, Caroline Bergvall, Anne Boyer, Sean Bonney & Steve Collis, Andrea Brady, Dionne Brand, Nicole Brossard, Louis Cabri, J. R. Carpenter; cris cheek, CAConrad, Maria Damon, Amy De'Ath, Jeff Derksen, Lori Emerson, Liz Howard, Peter Jaeger, Reg Johanson, David Jhave Johnston, Justin Katko & Jow Lindsay, Larissa  Lai, Peter Manson, Roy Miki, Nicole Markotić & Michael Davidson, Daphne Marlatt, Nick Montfort, Fred Moten, Stuart Moulthrop, José Esteban Muñoz, Eileen Myles, Hoa Nguyen, Sina Queyras, Lisa Robertson, Steven Ross Smith, Kaia Sand, Dale Smith, Juliana Spahr, Brian Kim Stefans, Christine Stewart, Stephanie Strickland, Keston Sutherland, Keith Tuma, Catherine Wagner, Fred Wah, Darren Wershler, Rita Wong & Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm, and Rachel Zolf.

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