The Creative Gesture

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The Creative Gesture’s aim is to create a rare space in the dance world for today’s curious professional dance artist. Under the artistic direction of Emily Molnar, this suite of programs is a space for research, sharing, and questions around topics such as the creation process, training, somatic practices, and the future of contemporary dance. 

Over six weeks, four programs explore the current state of dance through process, technical production, creation, and performance. The Hamlet Complex, a new dance theatre work by internationally acclaimed choreographer Alan Lucien Øyen and his company, Winter Guests, will be created for 12 dancers and three actors. The following two-week Collective Composition Lab for choreographers, composers, and dancers will focus on practices of collaboration, composition, and improvisation. 

The Creative Gesture 2018 will also include two other programs during the initial four weeks, both related to the context of dance creation. Participants of The Hamlet Complex residency will interact with these other programs. Designing for Dance focuses on the development and production of costuming for dance. Movement and Meaning: The Dramaturgy of Living Systems, focuses on the exploration of dramaturgical process inside of the creation and interpretation of dance.

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