The Creative Gesture

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The Creative Gesture’s aim is to create a rare space in the dance world for today’s curious professional dance artist. Under the artistic direction of Emily Molnar, this suite of programs is a space for research, sharing, and questions around topics such as the creation process, training, somatic practices, and the future of contemporary dance.


Over a six-week period, The Creative Gesture 2019 features four programs that include:


  • Preparing the Ground: a research lab with international dance artists Medhi Walerski and Pierre Pontvianne.
  • Designing for Dance: a workshop focused on the development and production of costuming for dance.
  • Dramaturgy for Dance (Movement and Meaning - The Dramaturgy of Living Systems): a program focused on the exploration of dramaturgical process inside of the creation and interpretation of dance.
  • Collective Composition Lab for Music and Dance: a research lab for choreographers, composers, and dancers focused on practices of collaboration, composition, and improvisation.

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