Banff Centre International String Quartet Festival: Concert 6

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The Jupiter String Quartet and Tyler Duncan: Dover Beach, Samuel Barber
The Rolston String Quartet and Piers Lane: Piano Quintet in G minor, Shostakovich
The Rolston String Quartet: Different Trains, Steve Reich
Featuring Different Trains, a video re-creation of the musical piece, by Beatriz Caravaggio.

"…we live in a time when many people want a visual accompaniment for music … the brilliant multi-channel video by Beatriz Caravaggio really works…to intensify listening to Different Trains. She has taken documentary footage and through multi-channel placement and fine editing, made a thoughtful and moving piece. Bravo, Beatriz!"

— Steve Reich, 2017

About Banff Centre International String Quartet Festival 
Born out of Banff International String Quartet CompetitionBanff Centre International String Quartet Festival is a three day festival that, like the competition, showcases the finest in international classical music to audience through a completely immersive experience. 

Led by Director of the Banff International String Quartet Competition Barry Shiffman, the festival, held in competition off years, features competition alumni alongside special guests exploring repertoire from across the centuries.