Big Secret - Official book Launch with One Yellow Rabbit's Denise Clarke

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A retro 70's font and colouring are used on the book cover alongside Denise's face.

Image courtesy the artist.

Join us for this free, official book launch event for The Big Secret Book – An Intense Guide for Creating Performance Theatre by Canadian theatre veteran Denise Clarke, with a foreword by John Murrell.

The Big Secret Book is an invaluable guide on the subject of creativity, no matter the preferred artistic discipline. The director of One Yellow Rabbit Summer Lab Intensive, Clarke outlines methods and methodologies of the Lab that have inspired writers, dancers, musicians, as well as performance theatre artists. Sidebar case studies of Clarke’s remarkable performances disclose the big secrets behind her unique and brilliant style of performance creation.

Denise’s ‘big secret’ is an open secret, a big-hearted desire to have others experience the fulfillment of creation that has sustained her through a remarkable career and is palpable in the pages of this book.– Martin Morrow, Theatre Critic