Celebrating Indigenous Peoples: Dance Workshop with Mana Taketake

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Image courtesy of Mana Taketake

You are invited to join us in celebrating Indigenous Peoples throughout the month of June at Banff Centre.

Be inspired and ignite your inner power through traditional and contemporary Maori dance forms. Through the sharing of cultural knowledge and traditional Maori art forms, Mana Taketake, a group comprised of young Maori of different professional backgrounds, will empower participants in this 1.5 hrs workshop. 

This dance workshop focuses on the embodiment of the different powers that each Maori deity holds within us. Participants will learn about the different Maori deities and the realms that they govern. Traditional and contemporary movements, use of breath, voice and music will be explored. Throughout this workshop Mana Taketake will offer discussion on how we as individuals hold space for our Maori deities and how we balance those roles within modern society.

Suitable for 14+.

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