Chamber Werx

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Four performers dressed in early 20th century clothes appear on a turf stage wit curtains around them.

Photo by Jess Wittman.

Chamber Werx is an event which looks to expand the way we hear, see, and interact with art song, chamber music and opera. This multi-disciplined event will engage audience members in new ways through an assortment of music from the 20th and 21st century. 

Building on the commitment of staged chamber music, Opera in the 21st Century goes even further breaking down the traditional concert format.  We will be enhancing standard chamber music and artsong through stage direction, lighting, costuming and electronic soundscape.

The event will feature Banff Centre Opera in the 21st Century singers and musicians.



Nicole Joanne,Tracy Cantin, Katharine Dain, Gina Hanzlik - Sopranos
Lindsay Connolly, Jamie Groote, Beste Kalender - Mezzo Sopranos
Jean-Philippe Lazure, River Guard, Patrick McGill, Daevyd Pepper - Tenors
Jose Gonzalez Caro, Micah Schroeder - Baritones
Shane Hanson - Counter Tenor


Laura Reid, Andrew Bensler - Violin
Brenna Hardy-Kavanagh - Viola
Sarah Gans - Cello
Jesse Dietschi - Bass
Emily Phernambucq - Flute
Carly Gordon - Oboe
Brad Cherwin - Clarinet
David Nagy - Bassoon
Markéta Ornova - Piano

Artistic Team

Amiel Gladstone - Stage Director
Adam Da Ros - Assistant Stage Director
James Cheung - Music Director
Anna Treusch - Set and Costume Designer
Jason Hand - Lighting Designer
Jeff-Antoine Cote - Sound Designer
Donna Sharpe - Stage Manager
Adam Da Ross - Assistant Stage Director
Irina Tuzlukova - Assistant Stage Manager
Diana Bartosh - Assistant Stage Manager