Evolution: Classical - Transformations

Anders Astrand photo Laki Sideris

Evolution: Classical - Transformations

Renowned faculty members from the Evolution: Classical program bring together music, commentary, and projections in a captivating presentation format that explores transformation.

Commentator Rob Kapilow explains how Harold Arlen’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow transformed Dorothy in her journey from Kansas to Oz, and with that sets the stage for performances by mezzo-soprano Patricia O’Callaghan, percussionist Anders Åstrand, violinist Matt Albert, pianists Pedja Muzijevic, flutist Brandon Patrick George, visual media artist Sigi Torinus, and the Gryphon Trio.

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(Approx. 70 minutes. No intermission)

Projections — Sigi Torinus

Lighting Design — Hugh Conacher

Artistic Producer — Caroline Hollway

Anders Åstrand, percussion
Marie-Josée Chartier, dance

What Makes It Great – Somewhere Over the Rainbow | Harold Arlen
Patricia O’Callaghan, mezzo-soprano
Rob Kapilow, commentator/piano

Sonata in A Minor for Solo Flute, Wq. 132 (1747) I. Poco Adagio | C.P.E. Bach (1714-1788)
Brandon Patrick George, flute

Tasalsul I (2022) | Saad Haddad
Brandon Patrick George, flute

Ferrovia for piano, interactive electronics and video
Brent Lee, music; Sigi Torinus, video; Megumi Masaki, piano, music

X Suite 2020 | Paul Wiancko
Matt Albert, violin

Is It Real? A Loving Homage to Surrealism
Erik Satie: Embyons desséchés (Desiccated Embryos); Kurt Schwitters: Excerpts from Ursonate; George Antheil: Excerpts from La femme 100 têtes
Pedja Muzijevic , piano and narrator

Greyling | inspired by the Swedish folk song 'Tusen Tankar'
David Braid, music; Patricia O'Callaghan, lyrics

Acherontia | based on works by Selim El Haloul and Zad Moultaka
David Braid, music; Patricia O'Callaghan, lyrics, voice; Gryphon Trio (Annalee Patipatanakoon, violin; Roman Borys, cello; Jamie Parker, piano)

Great Meeting
Anders Åstrand, vibrahone; Roberto Occhipinti, bass

Somewhere Over the Rainbow - What Makes It Great | Harold Arlen & Yip Harburg
Patricia O'Callaghan, mezzo-soprano; Rob Kapilow, commentator/piano

Free Hymn 
Anders Åstrand, percussion; all performers

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