Harry Manx with special guest Kevin Breit

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Harry Manx, photo by Shimon Karmel

Harry Manx. Photo by Shimon Karmel. 

Harry Manx has been dubbed an “essential link” between the music of East and West, creating musical short stories that wed the tradition of the Blues with the depth of classical Indian ragas. His unique sound is bewitching and deliciously addictive to listen to. Blend Indian folk melodies with slide guitar blues, add a sprinkle of gospel and some compelling grooves, and you’ll get Manx’s unique “mysticssippi” flavour. It’s hard to resist, easy to digest, and keeps audiences coming back for more!

Joining Manx will be special guest Kevin Breit. This Canadian singer-songwriter will add his infamous musical mischief to the evening, further supporting the unique stylings of the evening. Come enjoy a night of music that is truly as diverse as this land.