Kate Harris, Book Awards – and Films

Kate Harris cycling in Tibet

Kate Harris cycling in Tibet © Mel Yule

The program begins with the presentation of the 2018 Banff Mountain Book Competition awards.

Between sneaking illegally across Tibet, studying the history of science and exploration at Oxford, and staring down a microscope for a doctorate at MIT, Kate Harris has realized that explorers are unconventional. Weaving adventure and reflection, Harris explores the wildness of a world that can never be fully mapped – as she sets off by bicycle down the Silk Road in her latest work, Lands of Lost Borders.

Presentation followed by film in competition.

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Image from the film Cielo


78 Mins

Drifting between the spirituality and science, Cielo is a cinematic reverie on the crazy beauty of the night sky, as experienced in the Atacama Desert, Chile, one of the best places on our planet to explore and contemplate its splendour.

Alison McAlpine
Paola Castillo
Sean Farnel
Carmen Garcia
Production Company: 
Second Sight Pictures
Errante Producciones
Has subtitles: