National Indigenous Peoples Day: Earring Making with Traditional Materials

National Indigenous Peoples Day 2022

Join esteemed Dene/Cree artisan, Suzan Marie, as she guides you through an earring making workshop using porcupine quills that have been harvested, sized, cleaned and dyed by Suzan herself! Participants will finish the project during the workshop and have their hand-made earrings to bring home. Materials are provided.

This is a free workshop open to registration for people of all ages, cultural backgrounds, and various levels of experience.


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Meet the Artist

Suzan Marie

Suzan Marie is a Denesuline/Cree woman born and raised in the Northwest Territories.  As a residential school survivor, Suzan has experienced first hand the loss of culture and language that deeply impacted her life. In response she is reclaiming her culture through being from a long line of traditional artisans. A traditional teacher keeping ancient Dene skills alive for over thirty years, Suzan co-authored two books, Whadoo tehmi / Long-ago people's packsack Dene babiche bags: tradition and revival and Dene spruce root basketry / Dene ts'ukegháí tene rahesi: revival of a tradition also referred to as the Dene suitcase and Dene pots and pans.

Suzan has taught across Canada and the US to all ages through what she calls reconciliation healing. She works with moose hair, porcupine quills, moose and caribou hooves, dentalium shell, antler, bone, beads, and embroidery using contemporary and traditional techniques. She sews earrings, caribou mitts, and various styles of moccasins. In 2002, Suzan was the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee Medal for her commitment to keeping culture alive. A harvester of traditional materials and medicines Suzan lives and breathes her culture. Suzan is also a mom and Setsune to her grandson Carver. 

Headshot of Suzan Marie