Summer Music Series: Guston by Morton Feldman

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Cory Smythe sits in front of a piano, the image is overlain with himself standing and flipping a page as well as himself being seated observing himself.

Cory Smythe, image courtesy the artist.

Claire Chase, Cory Smythe and Steven Schick perform this 4 ½ hour long paean to the painter Philip Guston. While performing this complimentary work by the venerable 20th century composer Morton Feldman these three musicians will display Feldman's mastery of the spacious textures and shimmering harmonies that define his works. 

The presented piece, “Guston” ebbs and flows to deliver satisfying bouts of perfectly interconnected chords. These chords appear as something to look forward to, then suddenly, to reminisce upon as they fade once more into the fabric of the music in between.

Come to the KC303 studio and meditate on these beautiful sounds as daylight turns to twilight.

Performances during the Ensemble Evolution music program will explore a wide range of eras and styles performed by a diverse group of instruments.