Autoschediasms with Tyshawn Sorey and Ensemble Evolution

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Tyshawn Sorey stands before a red wall wearing a black shirt and has his arms behind his back.

Image courtesy the artist.

Rolston Hall will quake in this dynamic portrait of Tyshawn Sorey—though dynamic doesn’t really begin to describe the molten talent of Tyshawn Sorey, as composer, percussionist, conductor, pianist and musical thinker!

Intimacy comes in Sorey’s tribute to composer Fred Lerdahl, which shares the stage with electrifying Auto-schediasms, a wild ride featuring Tyshawn in a virtuoso display of conduction that will include all of the participants of Ensemble Evolution, a handful of batons, and 45 minutes of dizzying creativity.


Tyshawn Sorey (b. 1980)                    For Fred Lerdahl (2018)
for vibraphone, piano, viola
Tyshawn Sorey                                    Auto-schediasms
feat. faculty + participants