Alan Doyle

Alan Doyle holds the left and right sippers of his black leather jacket open displaying a t-shirt with the words "HARD CASE."

Photo by Margaret Malandruccolo.

Alan Doyle chalks up a lot of where he is right now — with both his third solo album and his second book released in October 2017 — to luck. And yet, one listen to A Week at The Warehouse makes it plainly clear that there’s a lot more than luck at play in this decades-long, awards-studded career. This album, recorded live off the floor with Doyle’s “beautiful band,” as he calls them, with producer Bob Rock at the helm, is chock-a-block with country-tinged, radio-ready tunes! Don't miss this chance to see one of Canada's greatest (and luckiest!) artists rock the Eric Harvie Theatre stage with his Beautiful Band!

Opening Musician

Whitney Rose

"A sultry country classsicist with a tremble in her voice, Whitney Rose is partial to the magisterial gestures of the 1950's and 1960's" – NEW YORK TIMES

"Rose neailed this concoction of joining the purer sides of pop and country. The most exciting part is seeing where she goes next." – AMERICAN SONGWRITER