National Indigenous Peoples Day: Morning Yoga Session - Awakened & Uplifted

In this online yoga session, we will take a gentle approach that will relieve the effects of chronic stress and move the spine in all directions to promote greater well-being.


Together we will create better body awareness by connecting the breath with a variety of postures and poses that can be modified to suit all levels of experience. You will come away feeling like your better self, centered, grounded, and awakened.


Workshop Materials: Yoga mat, water, and a towel.


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Meet the Yoga Instructor

Christine Friday

Christine is a proficient resilient Indigenous storyteller. She began her career with In the Land of Spirits in 1992 and has maintained a professional dance career for over 25 years, choreographing, solo work, commissioned work, youth creations and full scale productions. She is deeply connected to the cultural wellness of her people and works hard to maintain cultural traditions and gifts of her Anishnaabe people. She recently launched her company: Friday Creeations a film and stage Production Company, allowing her to transition her skills into filmmaking to broaden her audience while fulfilling her potential. She recently won the 2018 KM Hunter Award for dance through the Ontario arts council, this award is given to those who demonstrate an original artistic voice while encouraging the artist to propel to the next level. Her intention is to awaken people within themselves, creating a shift change in the world by reflecting reality and the human experience. Christine is a certified yoga instructor since 2007 and has been training in yoga for the past 14 years.