Prince Hamlet

A woman lays on her side in rich brown soil, partially buried she looks upwards.

Photo by Dahlia Katz.

Prince Hamlet – original story written by William Shakespeare – adapted and directed by Ravi Jain

"This is no ordinary Hamlet... remixed, reinvigorated avant bard for our times" - Toronto Star

Ravi Jain's remixed, reimagined, and bilingual Prince Hamlet feature a cross-cultural, gender-bent cast, challenging conventional ideas of who gets to tell this story. Struggling with the death of his royal father and his mother's hasty re-marriage to his uncle – and the murder of the king – Hamlet undertakes the harrowing task of avenging his father's untimely death. Combining spoken word and American Sign Language,  this groundbreaking production creates a fully integrated retelling for both hearing and Deaf audiences.

Banff Centre is proud to present this outstanding play which won the "Best of 2017" in Now Magazine.

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