Languages of Our Land/Langues de notre terre

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Languages of Our Land/Langues de notre terre is a collection of poems and stories by twelve emerging and established Indigenous writers living in Quebec and writing in French.

Translated by Christelle Morelli  

These writers all participated in either the Aboriginal Emerging Writers Program (now the Indigenous Writing Program) at The Banff Centre, funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, or the francophone chapter of this program, Programme à l'intention d'écrivains autochtones en début de carrière, in Quebec. The writing within Languages is presented in English translation alongside the French original and interlaced with words in the writers’ ancestral Indigenous languages—Innu-aimun, Wendat, Cree, and Algonquin—glossed at the end of the anthology.    



Editor Susan Ouriou, a Governor General’s Award-winning translator and former French-English interpreter and translator for the Aboriginal Emerging Writers Program, states in her preface, “in these poems and stories, as they face the tragedies of the past, demand the righting of wrongs, and prompt change to create a better future, we see a reflection of transformation being wrought in the wider world.” This anthology presents readers with an opportunity to experience the rich multiplicity of languages, intonations, and images within the stories and poems authored by those influenced by the languages they’ve inherited, writing in a language they’ve embraced.    

Susan Ouriou is an award-winning literary translator, fiction writer, and interpreter. She was faculty for the bilingual Aboriginal Emerging Writers Program and helped found the Banff International Literary Translation Centre at The Banff Centre. Susan is the editor of the 2010 Banff Centre Press anthology Beyond Words: Translating the World.  

Christelle Morelli is a literary translator and French immersion teacher. She lives in Calgary, Alberta.  She has translated works of fiction and poetry for publication, educational curricula, and art catalogues. Born in France, she has lived in Quebec and Western Canada where she now makes her home with her family.  

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Languages of Our Land/Langues de notre terre

"By giving the French language—the white language—a transfusion of red blood, aren't we, thanks to the generosity of nations, regenerating that same language?"

Jean Sioui
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Sunday, June 1, 2014
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