Radical Reels FAQs

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What is the Radical Reels Tour? How is it different from the traditional Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour?

The Radical Reels Tour presentations include many of the same elements as the World Tour screenings, but the focus is on dynamic, high-adrenaline films featuring sports such as skiing, climbing, kayaking, BASE jumping, snowboarding and mountain biking, and new sports such as snow-kiting and speed-riding. These activities continue to be included on the World Tour, but the Radical Reels Tour is intended for audiences who prefer screenings that include just action sports films.


How do I find out when the tour will be coming to my location?

Check our tour schedule page for tour dates and locations. Please contact the local host organization listed for details about the tickets, times, and venues.

How much are tickets to the screenings?

Each local host organization sets their ticket prices according to their local situation (theatre costs, sponsor support, etc). Please check with the local host for details — check your local host information on our schedule page.

How can I volunteer at my local screening?

The tour host handles all arrangements for volunteers and local staff at each screening. Please check the contact information provided for each location and contact them to see if any opportunities are available.


How can I bring the tour to my home town?

We’re always pleased to hear from people interested in bringing the Radical Reels Tour to new locations. Note that most of our scheduling for shows in Canada and the USA takes place about one year in advance. You can get more information about hosting the screenings and the application form by emailing us at worldtourinfo@banffcentre.ca


Which films will be shown?

The Radical Reels film program for screenings in Canada and the USA is a set program of short, higher adrenaline, extreme action sport films that are chosen by our tour team in Banff. Several of the films are custom edits of longer films that have been entered for the Banff Mountain Film Festival which is held in November each year. A list of films can be found on our Radical Reels Film page.

How do I get a copy of my favourite film? Do you sell a compilation DVD of all of the films?

We do not own the home video rights to any of the films you see on tour or at the Festival in Banff, so we cannot sell you a copy for home viewing or produce a compilation DVD. To view a list of films with contact details for obtaining your own copy, visit our Radical Reels Film page. You can also find Festival entry information by searching our festival archives.

How can I get information about the soundtracks from the films?

You can find out about some of the featured music on this soundtrack info page.

Why aren't there more films featuring women?

This is an ongoing interest for both audiences and our team, so we pro-actively look for films that feature women. Regrettably, the number of suitable high quality films produced and entered in a given year is often quite low. We encourage filmmakers and female athletes to create and submit films that include women, and we hope to be able to present more in the future.

Are the films exclusively available on the Radical Reels Tour?

The tour selection often includes some films that are only shown on our tour, but others may also be available on other tours or online. Our goal is to present the best films available, and not to restrict the opportunity for audiences and filmmakers to connect. Each year, many films that are also available through other channels turn out to be audience favourites on tour. We encourage local host organizations to be aware of other screenings in their area so that any film overlap can be managed.

Why do some of the films have strong language or intense situations?

The content of the films is determined by the filmmakers, and can include coarse language and frightening events. Not all films are suitable for family audiences. If you have concerns about the films to be shown at your local event, please check with the local organizer or our office for details and advice.

Why are there sponsor logos in some films and in the intro/trailer video?

The Radical Reels Tour sponsors play a key role in making the festival and tour possible through their financial and prize support, so they are always acknowledged as part of our program. Some filmmakers and athletes receive independent support from their own sponsors, and recognition of these sponsors may be included in the films that they enter in the festival. This is most common in action sports films.

How can I find out more about the great music and inspiring images in the video that starts each screening?

The music you hear in our Banff Mountain Film Festival Trailer was composed by Jacques Blackstone. He was commissioned in the late '90s from Banff Centre to write a theme for the festival — a piece that continues to captivate, energize, and inspire audiences worldwide. He is currently working in the film industry in Vancouver. If you’re interested in purchasing the soundtrack, please contact Jacques Blackstone at purplesound@shaw.ca 
The "voice" of our trailer (which we commonly refer to as our "Intro Video") is provided by Richard Armstrong, a New York-based teacher and performer who conducts International Voice Workshops at Banff Centre. More details are at www.richardarmstrong.info
The Intro Video was produced at Banff Centre by our production team and Work-Studies with film excerpts of a selection of the films submitted to us each year.


How did the Radical Reels Tour begin?

Every year, the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival presents the wildly popular Radical Reels night – a presentation of the best high-adrenaline films entered into the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival competition. Inspired by the excitement of the Festival event, the Radical Reels Tour has been travelling with a selection of the hottest action sports films since 2004. The Radical Reels Film Tour travels throughout Canada, the USA, and abroad, with most screenings taking place in the September to October and February to May time periods.

What is Banff Centre?

Banff Centre is the world's largest arts and creativity incubator. Our mission is Inspiring Creativity. Each year we host thousands of artists, explorers, mathematicians, and business leaders on our campus. These leaders across disciplines develop new approaches to solving some of the world's most complex challenges and new works that exemplify the best of what human beings can do. We also host thousands of conference guests on campus each year.