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Wise Practices

Indigenous Leadership Bibliography

A bibliography of Indigenous Leadership material, divided into countries and regions, including Indigenous leadership literature from North and South America, the circumpolar region, the Pacific region, which includes Australia, New Zealand, and Africa.


Final Activity Report: A Forum to Explore Best Practices, Policy and Tools to Build Capacity in Aboriginal Business and Economic Development

In this inaugural applied research forum we addressed the questions: What is the current state of research in Aboriginal economic and business development? What are the best practices in Aboriginal economic and business development in Canada and the United States? How can we move these research findings into the implementation phase and achieve change for the Aboriginal community? This document reports the results of a two – day meeting of twenty-eight invited participants from across Canada and the United States involved in the academy, First Nations, government and business sectors. A list of the participants is appended to this report.


Best Practices in Aboriginal Community Development: A Literature Review and Wise Practices Approach


Restorying Indigenous Leadership: Wise Practices in Community Development

Restorying Indigenous Leadership: Wise Practices in Community Development is a foundational resource of the most recent scholarship on Indigenous leadership. The authors in this anthology share their research through nonfictional narratives, innovative approaches to Indigenous community leadership, and inspiring accounts of success, presenting many models for Indigenous leader development. These engaging stories are followed by a Wise Practices section featuring seven significant contemporary case study summaries. Restorying promotes hope for the future, individual agency, and knowledge of successful community economic development based upon community assets. It is a diverse collection of iterative and future-oriented ways to achieve community growth that acknowledges the centrality of Indigenous culture and identity.

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Buffalo Mountain Drum

Banff Centre's annual Indigenous Leadership + Management publication (2005 - 2014).