Summer Classical Music Programs

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ARC: Create, Refine, Amplify

Summer classical music programs at Banff Centre are committed to the Creation of new music, the Refinement of traditional and contemporary practices, and the Amplification of our music into the public space by means of reflection and conversation. This Creation, Refinement, and Amplification is referred to as ARC. Faculty and participants will explore ARC, these three vital and inseparable aspects of music-making, to become whole musicians: creative, skilled and living fully in the changing world we share. This work together will take place everywhere, from informal conversations on the slopes of Mount Norquay, in master classes and rehearsals, and in formal concert productions, presented side-by-side with faculty, that are intended for the general public. Along the way, the programs will seek rich encounters between composers and performers, scholars and practitioners; with writers, dancers, naturalists, and audience members. 

What do Summer Classical Music Programs offer?

Daily activities will typically include—but are not limited to—lessons, daily faculty-led seminars, informal conversations, rehearsals, hikes, and public performances. Summer Classical Music Programs will include cross-disciplinary collaborations with other Banff Centre artists and programs to influence the development and interpretation of new work. Programming will create rich collaborative relationships and stimulate intense experiences in music-making. 

Who should apply?

Programs are designed for musicians with active careers in the performance, creation and presentation of classical music. Participants should have evidence of an emerging or established career supported by an active performing and recording history. Programs are open to individual participants, pre-formed groups, and composers from around the world. Residency lengths are two weeks. Upon special request shorter residencies are possible. Artists are encouraged to apply to  more than one program.

Contact Us

For questions about the Summer Classical Music and what we offer, please contact:


Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity
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