02 Ken Lum's Master Class:
Art and the effects of the Real

Program dates: January 4, 2012 - February 21, 2012

Application deadline: July 25, 2011

Program Information

Faculty: Ken Lum - ,
Guests: Richard Noble - , Polly Staple - ,

Antonio Gramsci wrote in The Prison Notebooks, “If it is true that every language contains the elements of a conception of the world and of a culture, it could also be true that from anyone’s language one can assess the greater or lesser complexity of his conception of the world.” Gramsci was arguing for the empowerment of individuals to develop a more complete understanding of the world in its historic richness and complexity, particularly in respect to the bridging of differences of one culture to another. In the context of an increasingly multi-cultural and multi-racial world, many artists and art institutions have adopted strategies or mandates related to the production of the effects of the Real. Relational Aesthetics is one such procedure while the ethnographic turn in art is another. The most interesting contemporary art is focused on the uneasy relationship between identity and the Real, concerned centrally with the social and spatial impediments that so often divide people from one another. It is the aim of Art and the effects of the Real to investigate the deepening interest of art towards its contingencies.

This is an intensive residency with a structured program schedule that includes weekly seminars, discussion groups, and film screenings.


Above photo: Ken Lum, Monument for East Vancouver, 2009

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