About the Peter Lougheed Leadership Institute

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The Banff Centre was founded in 1933 to have social relevance and contribute on a national and global level. The goal was to establish a unique organization in the world which would develop human potential and share the art, ideas, and knowledge created here. The vision of the Peter Lougheed Leadership Institute will be to build on this legacy and further realize it by developing current and next generation leaders to deliver on a better world. We will provide an inspirational environment, drawing on collaborative thinking and cutting-edge creative and business practices. We will attract exceptional talent, future talent, and talent in need of nurturing, and our learning experiences will enable leaders to think dynamically, dream big, tackle tough challenges—and become creative pioneers.

Building upon our 60-year history of transforming leaders, The Banff Centre will reimagine its Leadership Development programs as part of The Peter Lougheed Leadership Initiative, a collaboration between The Banff Centre and the University of Alberta. Acknowledging that a different type of leader and a different definition of leadership is required in the 21st century, programming at The Banff Centre's Peter Lougheed Leadership Institute will develop current and emerging leaders who are focused on building strong communities, influencing positive change at a system wide level, and shaping a better world.

Peter Lougheed made Alberta and Canada stronger. We will challenge the leaders who come to the Peter Lougheed Leadership Institute to draw upon his inspirational legacy, to be bold and make their own mark in the world today for the benefit of communities across Canada and the globe for generations to come.

Jeff Melanson
President, The Banff Centre

The essence of The Banff Centre has always been to provide a creative environment. The Institute will provide an intensive leadership experience that is unique by providing the most creative environment in the world.

Our programming and approaches will not be traditional - they will develop leaders using both wise practices and new creative methods that facilitate different ways of learning while forming new ways to expand leadership capacity - and innovation.

We will draw upon:

  • a diversity of participants
  • artists and creative entrepreneurs
  • thought leaders from across disciplines
  • researchers and strategic partners from a variety of sectors and industries
  • the best facilitators from around the globe
  • our location and physical surroundings
  • world-class facilities and technology

We will encourage these elements to collide and cultivate serendipity to establish an unparalleled environment and outlet of creativity, to expand the capacity for innovation.

The Institute will explore the potential of creativity to better identify, re-frame, realize potential and opportunities, achieve better results, and create the ability to rise to and overcome challenges.

We will be non-degree granting. Our sole focus will be on building capacity to deliver on outcomes that enhance communities, businesses and the social sector. We will be more than a program provider or consultant; drawing on the best thought leaders and innovators of our time, we will serve as a strategic partner collaborating to achieve results, and broader impact.

Our faculty and thought leaders will bring a wide range of experience, passion, and commitment to their craft. Our team will create the optimal space for deep learning through short-course training and a continuum of learning to take place during residential programming on campus, as well as back in the workplace.

For more information contact:

The Peter Lougheed Leadership Institute at The Banff Centre
Dan Buchner, Vice President