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Join an intergenerational legacy of strong community leaders. 

Indigenous Leadership and Management programs at Banff Centre provide leaders an opportunity to gain a better understanding of how to establish a strategic direction for their communities and organizations, implement that plan through focused effort, and measure performance. 

Leaders also learn the knowledge and skills necessary to run effective organizations and build communities with sustainable economies. With investment in their professional development, community leaders will have additional knowledge and tools to achieve incredible change and growth.

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Custom Programs

Our core programs can be customized to meet the needs of your organization or community. Ongoing applied research, experienced facilitators, and innovative experiential approaches combine to deliver sustainable and positive impacts. We can also customize specific modules of programs to meet your two- to four-day development needs.

Programming is designed to enhance the capabilities of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit leaders and managers, and reflect a clear understanding of Indigenous leadership issues. We assist Indigenous nations and organizations in building capable governing bodies that are compatible with their cultures and traditions.

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Applied Research

We can supply the resources and expertise to work with Indigenous communities and organizations on specific challenges through an applied research project. Applied research takes theoretical and/or abstract knowledge and applies it to a specific challenge for the community. The community plays a significant role in applied research in that it partners in the project and also takes an active part in the exploration and dialogue toward a creative and innovative solution. Contact us today.

Banff Centre’s Indigenous leadership programs I have attended have inspired me to be a leader who is open and willing to learn. It has created a space where I feel valued, respected, and like I belong.

Jerri-Lynn, Leading Teams: Governance for Indigenous Councils and Boards, 2019

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