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Unapologetic on Purposeful Travel

By Joe Pavelka, Summit Programmer Posted on janvier 16, 2024
Purposeful Travel Summit 2024

We may be Canadian, but we’re not going to say “sorry” about our vision for the future of tourism


The industry is going through a necessary period of reimagining, reforming, and rebuilding. Gone are the times of unfettered growth of this global industry. Emerging are the principles of purpose and intentionality. 


To put it simply, if you’re going to travel, it should matter.


Reshaping an industry that involves so many people, places, and things is no easy feat, but it is worth it. That’s why Banff Centre is creating space for polite direct conversation led by international leaders who are proud to be flipping the script. We invite everyone in the travel and tourism industry to embrace a movement that’s bold, intentional and unapologetically impactful. 


When it comes to purposeful travel, there’s no room for Canadian “sorries”. We’re looking for pathways to solutions that will address the implications of global adventures. 


At the Purposeful Travel Summit, we’re bringing together thought-leaders, innovators and trailblazers from around the world to create a roadmap for travel that leaves a lasting positive impact. Together, our summit will dive into responsible tourism, sustainable practices, and community engagement without a single “sorry” in sight. It is my intention to create space for frank and critical dialogue on the future of travel - and to show the world that Canadians are more than just polite, we are purpose-driven. 


If you’re tired of the same old travel narratives and ready to embrace a new era of unapologetic, purposeful exploration, join me at the Purposeful Travel Summit! Let us move forward towards a future where every adventure leaves a positive mark. 


Get ready to redefine travel, un-Canadian style - where purpose is the future, and apologies are a thing of the past.
See you at the summit!



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