Evolution Concert Series

LIVE Classical and Quartet concerts in Banff

Featuring artists from Toronto, Montreal, New York, London, Sweden, and more! 

Led by the Gryphon Trio, Banff Centre's Evolution Concert Series features string quartets, classical instrumentalists, and vocalists from Banff Centre's Evolution: Classical and Evolution: Quartet programs, in a celebration of tradition, new creation, and curatorial innovation.


4 Feature Concerts | $25 each
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Choose from four concerts presented by renowned faculty including Gryphon Trio (CAN) Anders Åstrand (Sweden), Pedja Musijevic (Bosnia/NYC), Aiyun Huang (Taiwan/CAN), Parmela Attariwala (CAN), Tom Allen (CAN), JACK Quartet, Parker Quartet, Eybler Quartet, and more! 
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10 Showcase Concerts | Free
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Choose from 10 free concerts presented by musicians from around the world who are participating in our Evolution: Classical and Evolution: Quartet programs.
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Schedule at a Glance: 

June 23 | 7:30 pm  | Evolution: Classical - Sounds Like Stories | $25
June 28 | 7:30 pm  | Evolution: Classical - Transformations | $25
July 4-7 | 7:30 pm| Evolution: Classical - Showcase Concerts | FREE
July 12 | 7:30 pm | Evolution: Quartet - Sonic Pillars and Contrasts | $25
July 19 | 7:30 pm | Evolution: Quartet  -  Mozart Plays with Lara and Lim | $25
July 22 - 24 | Evolution: Quartet - Showcase Concerts | FREE

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Evolution: Classical

Evolution: Classical faculty and participant performances from June 23 - July 7

Each concert is approximately 60 - 75 min. (No intermission)
Feature Concerts | $25
Featuring the Gryphon Trio (Can), Anders Åstrand (Sweden), Pedja Musijevic (Bosnia/NYC), and more! 

Showcase Concerts | Free
Four concerts featuring classical instrumentalists and performers from around the world including Calgary, Toronto, New York, Mexico City, Los Angeles, and Glasgow. 

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Evolution: Quartet

Evolution: Quartet faculty and participant performances from July 12 - 24.

Each concert is approximately 60 - 75 min. (No intermission)
Feature Concerts | $25
Choose from two concerts featuring the Gryphon Trio, Jack Quartet, Parker Quartet, and Eybler Quartet with Patricia Ahern.

Showcase Concerts | Free
Six concerts featuring musicians from around the world including Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, Netherlands and more! 
July 22 | 4 PM Concert 1 + 7:30 PM Concert 2
July 23 | 4 PM Concert 3 + 7:30 PM Concert 4
July 24 | 4 PM Concert 5 + 7:30 PM Concert 6

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Details coming soon for the Showcase concerts, once the final lineup and repertoire are confirmed.