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The transformative power of art begins with setting artists in motion 

Banff Centre provides artists the support to expand their artistic practice and cultivate their craft. World-renowned faculty lead some of our generation’s best creative minds on a journey of collaboration, exploration, and growth. 

The Artist Fund is the place where talent is nurtured and ideas start – where concepts becomes compositions and raw materials become public installations – where the essence of Banff Centre comes to life. All funds go to Banff Centre and support artists on their creative pathways.

Creating access for artists 

There are so many meaningful ways your support to Banff Centre’s Artist Fund will make a difference to the artists whose work feeds our minds and souls, fuelling our inspiration and forging our cultural identity.

A small donation can pay for an artist’s meals during their residency at Banff Centre. A larger gift can ease the burden of program tuition. A significant bequest can shape the future of one of our innovative arts training programs for years to come. 

The Artist Fund is the primary source of financial assistance available to artists participating in our programs. Financial gifts of any size go toward supporting artists who access Banff Centre online and in person programs each year. 

If you would like to make a contribution to the Artist Fund, please visit our donations page

I really applaud Banff Centre for having programs and sponsors generous enough to help writers who are early in their career.

Sean Michaels, Literary Journalism participant and Scotiabank Giller Prize winner

Contact Us

For information on how you can support the arts, contact:

Candice Noakes, Associate Director - Operations, Development

1.800.495.4467 (toll free)