Visual Arts Open Lecture: Fatimah Tuggar

Fatimah Tuggar Looks straight forward wearing an orange shirt that reads "Art Papers"

Image courtesy the artist.

The Visual Arts Lecture Series presents talks by leading Canadian and international artists, curators and academics. Join Fatimah Tuggar, guest faculty for the Digital Promises program, for this talk.

Artist Biography

Fatimah Tuggar

Fatimah Tuggar is a multidisciplinary artist who uses technology as both medium and subject in her work to serve as metaphors for power dynamics. She combines, objects, images and sounds from diverse cultures, geographies and histories to comment on how media and technology diversely impacts local and global realities. Tuggar’s work has been widely exhibited at international venues, in over twenty-five countries and has been the subject of various panels and articles. Her body of work has also been integrated as parts of academic curricula, in multiple disciplines and discussions, including technology, new media, politics, cultural studies, feminism, diaspora, globalization, anthropology, social justice, sculpture, interactive media, photography, and video among others. Tuggar’s art education covers three continents and a broader range of disciplines, traditions, processes, and materials. She is currently an Associate Professor of Foundations Studies at the Kansas City Art Institute.