Indigenous Leaders' Dialogue: Local Wisdom in Land Management

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From left to right: Harmony Redsky, Bill Snow, Natasha Hale, Lawrence Joe, Lindsay Borrows, and Carwyn Jones

From left to right: Harmony Redsky, Bill Snow, Natasha Hale, Lawrence Joe, Lindsay Borrows, and Carwyn Jones 

In the spirit of Truth and Reconciliation in Canada and our commitment to creating dialogue, this year, one of the questions the BanffŽ Mountain Book and Film Festival is exploring is how can Indigenous wisdom inspire our group of advocates to become allies in shaping a new conversation of land use. In response to this call, we have designed a two-day Indigenous Leaders' Dialogue to explore how Indigenous wisdom can frame land management and the human impacts to land. We invite you to share with us in this new type of conversation, one that we acknowledge has existed for many generations before us.

Local Wisdom in Land Management:
This second day of dialogue will explore current legislation and policies of the parks we work and live within and invite us to consider how we might be able to change current government practices through the inclusion of Indigenous culture, place names, language, and stories of traditional land use. Indigenous knowledge carriers from BanffŽ and Kluane National Parks, Grand Canyon National Trust, as well as from BC and New Zealand will discuss current policy frameworks and Indigenous wise practices

Harmony Redsky (CAN) (moderator)
Bill Snow (CAN)
Natasha Hale (USA)
Lawrence Joe (CAN)
Lindsay Borrows (CAN)
Carwyn Jones (NZ)

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