Kacy & Clayton Live at Maclab

Kacy and Clayton are standing outdoors in front of a colorful hedge of green leaves and fuschia flowers.
Join us for Live at Maclab and enjoy an evening of music and song with talented performers in a spectacular setting.
The music Kacy and Clayton make is inextricable from where they grew up. They sing about the kind of people you’d find in Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan (population very few). The hills, barns and remoteness of the area are in these songs, with a bittersweet acknowledgement that this music has taken them far from home.

“We were raised on cattle ranches where we learned how to play traditional country music because that’s what everyone wanted to hear.” Their sound is equal parts homespun, coming from a family and community where playing music is an ever-present part of social gatherings, and the rare country, blues and English folk rock these second cousins obsess over and collect.

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