Alex Bainbridge Who or what will be guiding visitors in the next 10 years?

The future of our industry is AI first. What does this mean for tour operators and communities that rely on keeping tourism revenue local? How can we design a new industry in such a way that local tour operators and guides are incorporated into this new vision rather than replaced by AI enabled digital services operated by global tech companies?

Alex Bainbridge

CEO Autoura

Alex  has been operating in destination day experiences using AI since mid-2020, pushing the boundaries of what  technology can deliver for consumers. Before he was an AI tour operator, he founded and scaled TourCMS, the first SaaS reztech platform for local tour operators to handle bookings and distribute via online travel agencies. He believes that AI is inevitable but has to be incorporated into consumer experiences in such a way that local communities benefit. He believes we cannot use AI to further centralise the travel industry.