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Banff Centre Announces 2024-25 Fall/Winter Programs

By Communications Posted on April 08, 2024

Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity is announcing its upcoming program offerings for the 2024 Fall and Winter seasons. 

Banff Centre’s educational programs for artists and leaders are curated by a dedicated team of cultural and multidisciplinary experts. In the upcoming Fall/Winter season, Banff Centre is excited to offer twelve artistic programs, five leadership programs, and several innovative pilots programs for at least 20 (or more!) educational programs.

Among the newly introduced and revitalized offerings are pilot programs in Cultural Leadership, along with three specialized practicum programs focusing on wardrobe, audio, and piano technical services respectively.

In addition to the hundreds of artists and leaders who will attend Banff Centre’s educational programming, the campus will host hundreds more guests to enjoy performances and exhibitions.


Central to Banff Centre’s pedagogical model is  providing artists with the platform to showcase works-in-progress to engaged audiences. A valuable opportunity for artists, this is also a treasured chance for audiences to witness aspects of the art-making process that are often hidden. Artists continue to remark that Banff Centre provides a soft place to experiment – a critical and often underappreciated part of their creative journeys. 

Banff Centre looks forward to another season of transformative learning, where artists, leaders and guests will come together to share in the magic of creativity. With applications now open, artists and thought-leaders from across Canada and globally are invited to apply for the opportunity to participate in a wide array of enriching programs.

Members of Banff Centre’s community, including the media, are welcome to attend a webinar presentation today, April 8th, at 10amMT, to hear directly from program directors and Banff Centre’s president about the upcoming programs. 

As an educational institution serving artists and leaders for 90 years, Banff Centre’s programs remain transformational. I am proud to see such depth and creativity embodied in the upcoming Fall and Winter programs, and look forward to celebrating the artists and work that these programs will produce.” 

Chris Lorway, President and CEO, Banff Centre