Puppeteers at Work: Behind the Scenes of the Banff Puppet Theatre Intensive

White faced puppet with two pupeteers

Mysterious things were happening in the Lazlo Funtek teaching wing of the Theatre Complex. The dance studios were filled with clowns doing yoga; suited and be-hatted performers were moving large plush filled dummies through space; dinosaurs roamed the halls, while downstairs a construction space emerged, with a kaleidoscope of materials spawning on every flat surface available, interspersed with sewing machines and power tools. 

But for those in the know, this was no mystery: the 2016 Banff Puppet Theatre Intensive had arrived!

Fascinated by the goings-on down the hall, I finally got a chance to take a peek at the inner workings of the Intensive while the participants prepared for their final showing at the end of the program. They graciously allowed me to bring a camera and share the magic online.