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Masako Miyazaki, Banff Artist in Residence. Photo by Rita Taylor.

Support Groundbreaking Artists

Artists and supporters come together at Banff Centre to develop exceptional artistic talent, to inspire, present, and share innovative new work, and to make our communities more creative and economically vibrant. We offer artists of all disciplines an environment that is unique in Canada and the world. 

Our Arts Programs

Through training and professional development offered at the post-graduate level in digital, Indigenous, literary, performing, and visual arts, we encourage artists to innovate both in their respective disciplines and across genres. 

We also facilitate partnerships with other arts organizations and companies to create and present collaborative new work. Banff Centre is uniquely positioned to help artists succeed on the national and international stage — and your donation and sponsorship are the key to make it happen.

Our Goals

  • Access: We strive to increase scholarship levels across our programs. We believe artistic talent should be free of financial constraints. 
  • Excellence: We want our programs and facilities to continue to be renowned for their calibre, including the mentors we attract to develop and inspire emerging and established artists.
  • Made in Banff. Shared with the World: We help ideas reach their full potential, encourage collaboration across disciplines and genres, and ensure art created in Banff is shared as widely as possible to enrich our communities.

The benefit of time and space given to writers to look exclusively at their own work is such a privilege, a joy, and a great gift.

Jessica Johns, Writing Studio, 2019

Contact Us

For information on how you can support arts programs, contact:

Candice Noakes, Associate Director - Operations, Development

1.800.495.4467 (toll free)