Casey Hanisko: Bird or Binder? Values-Driven Leadership

Friday, February 9th | 8:30 - 10:00 am
Breakfast with Keynote Speaker: Casey Hanisko |Banff Centre Campus |  Kinnear Centre Room 103

What does it mean to be a purpose-driven leader in travel? Casey Hanisko shares her experience and advice on holding to your values and intentions while navigating the complexities of delivering meaning and transformative results whether you work for a destination or tour operator, or as a media or guide. During this interactive keynote, you’ll reflect on your own leadership journey and the opportunities you have to deepen your work in connection with the communities around you. Be prepared to walk away with a new perspective on the power of having a defined purpose and values, and truly understanding your role in the ecosystem of the tourism industry.

Casey Hanisko

Casey is the founder and owner of Casey Hanisko LLC, which focuses on leadership and business coaching and adventure travel marketing and sustainability consulting. She is the former president of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) and has been an executive in the travel industry for over twenty years.

While at Zegrahm Expeditions, an international multi-day tour business conducting global land and sea expeditions, she marketed countless new innovative travel itineraries from space voyages and deep seasubmersible trips to in depth expeditions to countries such as Brazil, Japan, and Namibia. A creative and results driven executive, Casey’s roles have included business strategy and development, marketing, communications, branding, and innovative product development.

Casey is trained in Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead, Moe Carrick’s Leading People Program (LPP), Mindsetting for Well-Being and Performance, and Sendatsu Leadership & Yoga Teacher Training. When she isn’t traveling, working or spending time with her family, you can find her walking her two dogs, Puck and Oscar, or reading, writing, running, doing yoga, or paddleboarding.