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As of April 2024, 579 individual playwright have participated in the Banff Playwrights Lab / Colony, working on 875 plays of which at least 374 have been produced since 1974. Produced plays are noted in orange.

Thank you to Fran Gebhard, Maureen Labonté, Paul Ledoux, Kim McCaw, Brian Quirt, Vicki Stroich and Bob White for contributing to this document.

We are asking playwright participants to consider donating a copy of any published plays developed at the Lab over the past 50 years to the Banff Library/Archives – if your Lab project went on to be published, please contact us to share a copy.

Help us complete this list. If you can fill in a blank or fix a typo or add missing information, please let us know.

If you're a past Lab participant and would prefer to not to be listed, please contact the Lab and we'll remove your name/play title.

Brian Quirt