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Indigenous Storytelling Session

Iniskim, Return of the Buffalo, screening at Banff Centre during National Indigenous History Month 2024

We welcome you to story sharing with Indigenous voices from the Treaty 7 community at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.

This event is co-hosted by Simon Ross, Indigenous Leadership and Janine Windolph, Indigenous Arts, in partnership with Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival.

There are many forms of storytelling, and for this session, we invite participants to engage with the story of the Buffalo treaty through a viewing of Iniskim - Return of the Buffalo followed by panel discussion and Q&A with filmmaker and special guests from the film. 

Iniskim - Return of the Buffalo is an intercultural artistic response to the return of the buffalo, as wild animals, to Western North America. Iniskim is a cinematic wonder and an intimate journey with a group of artists  whose purpose is to celebrate the historic return of buffalo to their ancestral lands. It is structured around a ‘Masterclass’ on Indigenous ways of knowing. We see the puppeteers absorbing  knowledge and then integrating it into the creation of both the puppets and the theatrical production.

Also join us throughout the month of June for National Indigenous History Month! Free events include also include a Dance Workshop, Online Marketplace and Online Film Screenings, as well as partner events at the Town of Banff and Canmore artsPlace.